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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Subject:OH MAN...
Time:12:42 pm.

hahaha i dunno who is responsible for this. i can't take the credit but i thought it was fucking hilarious!!!
i found it in my buddy jim mahfood's myspace account...

'food is just one of many bagillion folks that will be exhibiting at this years alternative press expo (APE)
who else will be there trying to seduce you into surrendering your milk monies?!?! well.. ME OF COURSE!
i'll finally have some finished copies of CRUSH (a lot) and SECRET-SECRET done...they're being put together
as i type!!! speaking of, i better get back to stupid tedious work!!! i'll put up pictures of the finished product
when i'm done for all you kids that won't be able to make it to san fransisco this weekend...(except for
girlguitarist who will be receiving a great big (and late) care package from me in a couple of
weeks!! SORRY TANYA!!! i'm such a flake!!! but i didn't forget about you.

anywho. back to work!! hope ya'all are well fed and well writ.

wasn't that picture comic AMAZING?!?! man!
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